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Hello I'm Razor. Empty Hello I'm Razor.

Post  Paranoiac Razor on Sat Mar 30, 2013 11:12 pm

Hello There Random Citizen! You guys may know me as BloodyRazorBlade or Razor :3 I'm your Administrator Im in love with Wolves and Horses! I'm not the nicest i'm also not the meanest person you'll ever meet. I'm Bipolar and flip out quite easily. I do Advanced role playing which this site is also Advanced too! So i hope too see amazing threads and roleplays on this site! that are Active and not one post then go to the Archives. I Love Werewolves not a fan of blood suckers. I call Vampires what i want Razz I'm very fun and exciting person but also a very demanding person too Neutral So don't expect me to be nice too everyone which won't happen, i hate people quite easily.

I roleplay only Wolves and Immortals or Horror or Syfy, i don't roleplay threads that are based off books or movies bores me half too death. Got a Problem with me figure it out, im not gonna stand people yelling at me saying "your too demanding! your too mean." Because i will obviously not give a shit. Sometimes i will yell at you back because i don't ignore i fight back and stand up for myself. Unlike some people who are quite shy and get offended really easily. I get pissed off very very very easily and i would not try to get on my bad side YES im a cusser deal with it. I'll cuss alot like FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK! You are gonna prob be 13-14? maybe 15 Your gonna cuss one day too don't get all up in my grill like "STOP CUSSING ITS BAD!" I'll prob just put my middle finger up at you. t(-.-t) <--Example SUCH AMAZING EXAMPLE HUH??? Well Im Finished

-Your Administrator Razor
Paranoiac Razor
Paranoiac Razor

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