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Post  Paranoiac Razor on Mon Jan 07, 2013 7:15 am

These Rules will be fallowed by you all if you dont you will either be Suspended or Bann from the Site!

  • 1. No name calling or speaking to another in any way that may be taken offensively. If you said something to someone and they took it offensively but you didn't mean for it to hurt their feelings, simply apologize and let them calm down.

  • 2. When someone is picking on you DO NOT FIGHT BACK. DO NOT FIGHT BACK. It will just make things worse and turn an argument into a war. Instead, please contact one of the several Admins or Mods and we will make sure this stops to ensure a happy time on this website.

  • 3.Fighting if not tolerated! if i see any fighting someone will be punished.

  • 4. Signature lengths may be no longer than the length oof your index finger. If you dont know if its right size message Admins or Mods we be surley to help you out(:.

  • 5. Profile Pictures are gonna be not big either! check with a mod or admin we be surley to see if its gret size, its its bigger and streched out the page thats to big

  • 6.If i see anyone fighting or complaining in Chatbox those people will be ban from the chatbox an not able to talk to eachother.

  • 7.If theres any Sexual Activity i will ban you, sex in roleplays with be fades to black!.

  • 8.You may not and i mean not at all ask people to join your site through Pm, i know how to see your Pm's.

  • 9.stealing peoples characters or photos will not be tolerated! Admins and Moderators will be watching!
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